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Simple Steps to Complete Your Divorce

 DissoSimple has taken a complicated process and made it simple with these three steps:
    1) Inventory
    2) Discuss and agree
    3) We will take it from there.

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Step 1 - Inventory: 

This is done by completing a form set called a Declaration of Disclosure. You can fill out these forms on your own or we can help you. Basically, this is where you list the following:

Schedule of Assets and Debts
    a) real estate
    b) furniture and furnishings
    c) jewelry
    d) automobiles
    e) bank accounts
    f) cash
    g) life insurance
    h) retirement accounts
    j) pension
    k) stocks
    l) business
    m) student loans
    n) credit cards
    o) miscellaneous loans

        Complete a Schedule of Assets and Debts form here FL-142

Income and Expenses
    a) employment
    b) income (wages, self employment, etc)
    c) household expenses
    d) child related expenses

         Complete an Income and Expense Declaration form here FL-150 

Step 2 - Discuss and agree with your spouse about how you want to share your property and the custody of your children.

You can divide your property any way you want but you may choose to follow these basic guidelines. California is a community property state. That means that property acquired during the marriage is usually divided equally. Property that you had before your marriage or property that was inherited or received as a gift is usually confirmed as that person's separate property and is not divided.  If there are issues that you cannot agree on - put those issues on a list and we can help you find a solution. We have lots of ideas to help you divide your property and share the custody of your children.

    Use this form to define your property division FL-160

    Use this link for complete Parenting Plan Guidelines and suggestions.

    Use this link to calculate child support CA-Child Support

Step 3 - Let's meet, keep it simple and get it done - quickly.

Bring in your disclosures. Tell us what you want to do. Together we can find solutions to keep it simple and accomplish your goals.