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Simple Fast Solution for Divorce

How Fast?
    Some counties, like Orange County, have an expedited process that is very fast and in most cases the court will enter a Judgment of Dissolution in as little as 10 days from the date that the Marital Settlement Agreement and Judgment documents are submitted to the court. 
    Please note that California has a 6 month waiting period before marital status is terminated and there is no way around this waiting period. 
    In most cases our office will prepare and complete your dissolution long before the 6 month period occurs - but your marital status will not terminate until that 6 months has occurred. That date is calculated and stated within your Judgment.  

Is DissoSimple for you?    

    If you want complete control of how your property is divided, how support is paid and how you will share custody of your children then DissoSimple is for you. 

    This process will require cooperation and some compromise and tends to work well with people who trust one another. 

    This process does not work well when one person attempts to gain an advantage over the other by fear and intimidation.

Tips To Help Keep It Simple:

    The key is to do this together. Speak with your spouse. You might suggest that your spouse review this web site. Make your first contact with our office together and then make each step along the way together. If you reach an impasse, take a time out then come in together to brainstorm solutions. Each of you should seek outside advice from your own attorney. Know what your rights are before you talk about settlement so that you are able to make choices that are informed.