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DissoSimple is Affordable

How Much Are Your Attorney Fees?

    Most DissoSimple cases are done for a flat rate for attorney fees and includes unlimited revisions and discussions with your attorney. We have found that good agreements come from good communication and the flat rate helps to promote discussion and a better understanding of what you want to accomplish. In the alternative, you may pay by the hour as the work is completed.

Are there other costs? Yes.

    Outside costs are the responsibility of the client. 

    The Superior Court of California requires a filing fee of about $435.00 This fee varies depending on your County. For example, Orange County requires a filing fee of $425.00. Filing fees are the responsibility of the client. 

    Some cases may require that you employ an expert to prepare a DRO (Domestic Relations Order). A DRO is an order that divides a pension, defined contribution plan or defined benefit plan. If you belong to a union, are a public employee or teacher, you likely are a plan participant. If you agree to divide your plan then you will need to employ an expert at the end of your case to prepare a Domestic Relations Order. Of course, if you are not dividing retirement, then this cost will not apply to your case. 

    Other outside costs are: property appraisals, business valuations and retirement valuations.

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